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Jim L. DeBardelaben is Of Counsel to the Firm, from his office in Montgomery, Alabama.  He is a seasoned litigator, who focuses on construction defect defense, personal injury, criminal defense, employment (plaintiff and defendant), family,  and administrative issues.

Jim was a founding partner in the Montgomery law firm of McPhillips, DeBardelaben
and Hawthorne in 1982, and practiced there until 1990.  While there, he represented clients in personal injury, administrative and employment law.  

Jim’s prior engagements include: 
  • Led internal investigation and advised Alabama National Guard in major misuse of orders.
  • Engaged in defense work for international insurance companies.
  • Represented clients and various state offices in connection with major Universities and state agencies in judgments and obtaining millions of dollars in settlements.
  • Advised clients and litigated disputes with various state issuer licenses.
  • Drafted major legislative and rules for agencies of the State of Alabama.
  • Conducted and advised chief administrative State of Alabama agencies withhearings and proceedings.
  • Conducted and participated in administrative hearings proceedings with various Stateof Alabama agencies.
Jim has attended courses at the National Judicial College in Reno, Nevada, and has participated in Judge Advocate courses at the University of Virginia, in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Career Highlights

1977-1978 General Counsel to State of Alabama's Military Department (National Guard).

1978 Worked with the Litigation and Appellate Divisions in the State of Alabama's Attorney General's Office.

1978-1982 General Counsel to the State of Alabama's ABC Board.

1979-1982 Special Advisor Counsel to the State of Alabama's Department of Labor.

1981-1982 Special Advisor Counsel to the State of Alabama's Finance Director.