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April 30, 2014

W&W Obtains Six-Figure Fee Award Against California

The Firm today obtained a six-figure fee award against the State of California, following a lengthy jury trial.  The jury awarded the Firm's clients 700% of their final offer of settlement, and the Court today awarded the Firm its litigation expenses in obtaining that verdict.

"I congratulate Rich Walton and Sam Levy for this extraordinary victory," says the Firm's head of litigation, Jim DeBardelaben.  "They worked hard for their client and obtained not only a spectacular jury verdict, but also their fees and costs in obtaining it.  This result typifies the Firm's dedication to cost-effective results for our clients--and our tenacious litigation spirit."

Walton & Walton, LLP provides value-driven litigation solutions for clients throughout the United States. Our trial team has delivered successful verdict after successful verdict in courtrooms across the country, in complex areas ranging from valuation disputes, to tax controversies, to capital murder cases. We are proud of the fact that we have never lost a client to the death chamber--even though our focus is business litigation. We would be honored to explore how we can deliver the same stellar results for you.

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