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Our Mission

We care!

When the tides of life take you into legal shoals, we can bring you safely home.


We know our clients as well as we know the law, and we measure our success not just by our stellar results, but by the peace of mind we bring them throughout the process.

We view client relationships as a collaborative partnership where our success is measured by how much value we add to the client. We measure that value by our relationship with our clients: by always being there when they need us, by patiently navigating them through the legal process to achieve their goals, and by viewing their trust as a sacred responsibility.

We always put our clients first; perhaps that is why most of them have been with us for years.

We look forward to doing the same for you.

We Deliver

We work with clients on complex questions—and we find creative solutions.

We stand next to clients when juries come back—and we are proud.


We sit next to clients in boardrooms to close difficult deals—and we succeed.


Whatever the challenge, the Firm’s attorneys bring decades of experience, sophisticated knowledge, and international resources to deliver the results our clients expect. From high-stakes “bet the future” litigation to international transactions, our firm walks with clients every step of the way. Our dedication to our clients, and passion for our profession, is seen in the results we deliver every day.

We Give Back

We are an international firm, but we live and serve in each of the communities where we are located. And so we give back, especially to the less fortunate among us. The Firm’s pro bono representation is more than a cliché, and our attorneys are required to handle at least one complex pro bono matter a year. Our attorneys teach and write, speak to civic groups, and provide representation for indigent clients. Recent examples are a multi-week criminal defense trial and a complex appeal to the Ninth Circuit.

We also give back through our sustainability initiative. We are committed to preserving our planet’s shrinking resources by investing in energy saving technology and eco-friendly products, and by conserving our use of non-renewable resources.

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